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My Top Picks – 20/02/18

Here is this weeks Xbox sale with easy 100% completion and links to full completion walkthroughs where possible. All games can be picked up for under £10. This week we have 8 new titles for 8,000 gamerscore.

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My Top Picks – 06/02/18

Not too much to choose from today guys but five games available all under 10 hours. Good Luck

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My Top Picks – 30/01/18

Having looked through the Xbox Sale this week, to say disappointment may be an understatement. Usually the aim is to find easy completions under £10 – this week I have found two new games this week. Although a few of last weeks sale items have been carried over to this week. I have indicated new games this week with **

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My Top Picks – 23/01/18

So its Tuesday morning which means its the start of a new Xbox Store Sale. I have split the games into different categories dependent on their completion time. I have also not included any games currently over £7.50 – I am trying to do all this within budget after all. I have included a link to the Xbox Store in case you want to buy them, I have also included a link for a 100& guide.

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