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True Achievements – Review (Kind of)

Right so I have been mentioning the website True in the majority of my posts (check out my gamerscore challenge here) and thought I would try and write a short(ish) article about it. This is aimed really at people who haven’t heard of the site or used it before. Being an achievement hunter I would imagine you have already signed up to this great site already so I can only apologise if you have heard this all before.

So What is it?

True Achievements (TA) is a website where gamers can ‘compare’ their skills/game completion using gamerscore/unlocked achievements. Basically bragging rights with a global community (and who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition?). The guys over at TA though felt that the gamerscore was an inaccurate way to compare this as some avhievements have the same value as others even though the difficulty to unlock them will range massively.

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Cost of Gaming

Expensive hobby

One thing that I have always found a struggle when gaming has been the cost of games. I have never had a problem with the price of a new console as I always feel you get a great powerful piece of tech for the price.

I have never really been able to buy the latest releases as they are far too expensive, plus my wife wouldn’t bee overly keen on my spending hundreds of ££ every month just because I want the latest games. So I have had to manage with getting the latest AAA title a few months after release, maybe on sale or lending from a friend, I have even rented games online (more of that at a later time).

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Achievements….what are they and what’s the point?

So what are they?

Achievements are a way of rewarding you for playing games. They are available for every Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Live Arcade and ID@Xbox games. Every game has a set of achievements to earn/unlock. These range from simple things such as scoring a low shot on Fifa 18, completing COD:WWII on Veteran or playing ROBLOX for 20 consecutive days.

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