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#100k Challenge – Weekly Update (19/02/18)

Maybe I need to add an avatar….?????

Happy Monday everyone, hope everyone is well and thank you for being here. It’s time again for me to give an update on my #100kChallenge (If you are new here you can see what its about here).

Over the last week I have managed to spend a decent amount of time on my Xbox – half term last week and I somehow managed to get rid of the kids for the whole week.

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My Top Picks – 13/02/18

You get easy gamerscore, you get easy gamerscore, everyone gets easy gamerscore this week.

A much better sale this week for easy completions. Four very quick completions this week (all under 3 hours) and only costing £11.13 – including my 3 top picks which I posted on social media this morning.

As always I have included a link to the Microsoft Store in case you want to buy a game – and included a 100% Walkthrough where I could.

I even had a small amount of money in my own budget to pick one up for a change. Good luck guys 🙂

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#100k Challenge – Weekly Update (12/02/18)

Quick Overview

Last week gamerscore: 18,120

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#100k Challenge – Weekly Update (05/02/18)

18,000 gamerscore and counting

Welcome to my weekly update on my #100kChallenge. Another busy week of unlocking achievements. A new source of games, new Games for Gold and some Game Pass completions. Hitting 18k for the challenge so far is a great step and kicks of what I hope is a very good February for my challenge.

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#100k Challenge – January Review

#100k Challenge – January Review

We have made it through the first month of 2018. How did it go for everyone? I fell it went a little quick but it always seems to I guess. Any one actually stick to their New Years resolutions? I tend to not make them but I am happy that the target I set myself for gaming is coming along nicely.

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#100k Challenge – Update (Day 29)

#100k Challenge – Day 29 update

I hit 15,000 for the month!!

This update on my #100kChallenge is not a four day update as previously seen through the month. Originally I was planning on making then next update on the 1st February and provide a full look at January as a whole but decided to give an update today, Monday. Going forward this will be the new day for a weekly update. The layout is slightly different again. I am always thinking of better ways to provide the updates and today will be no exception.

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#100k Challenge – Update (Day 24)

#100k Challenge – Day 24 update

To kick off this #100kChallenge update I would just like to let everyone know that I have decided to change the challenge slightly! Determined to keep it relative to my original plan, I will be keeping the budget at £25 a month. To increase the difficulty I will not be rolling over any money saved from previous months. This £25 budget will still need to include Xbox Live Gold – although I am covered until the end of July with that for now. The other change I wanted to make, although not really a new rule as such, was to not limit myself to just hitting 100k gamerscore.

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