Boomerang: My Thoughts

So what is Boomerang?

Boomerang Rentals is an online rental service that offers a flexible and speedy service, great value for money and over 1000 titles to choose from. Across all the major consoles and handhelds.

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Why I have been using it?

Full disclosure here. Although I started my #100kChallenge at the start of the year – I have used Boomerang in the past. Service has always been great and according to my account page I have saved £2,946.

boomerang savings

In that time I have upgraded my account, downgraded, taken holidays and even bought games outright. The company claims of flexibility and speedy service have, in my experience at least, always been backed up. I would also like to say that this is not an ad or sponsored post – all thoughts are my own based on my own experiences.

So when I created a new gamertag (danlaing1983) to embark on my #100kChallenge I knew that at some point I would be reactivating my account to gain access to the games I couldn’t afford to buy. Although by already having an account I missed on the free trial offer for new signups.

Boomerang is also everything that I started the #100kChallenge for in the first place. Based on my article of the cost of gaming – link for that can be found here.


Packages start from £3.99 and at the time of writing this the most expensive package I had available is £15.99.

These also range from priority packages (more expensive) to a value package (less expensive).

boomerang prices

As you can see I will unlock more packages on 01-04-2018 (then another 01-07-18). 3 and 4 game packages are unlocked if you are on a 2 game package, and have been a paying customer continually for 3 and 6 months respectively.

I have started the #100kChallenge on Unlimited 2 costing £13.99 per month. This allows me 2 games at a time and unlimited rentals per month. New releases are included in this package.

By contrast Value 1 (the cheapest package available at £3.99) gives access to 1 game a month but games are also at least 6 months old.

Loyalty Program

Boomerang also offers a loyalty program which allows you to earn points and spend them on bonus rentals, free months and even discounts on purchasing.

Points are earned by either buying a game through Boomerang or via the service guarantee that they offer.

boomerang service guarentee

Benefits for my #100kChallenge

So as already mentioned I settled on Unlimited 2 (£13.99). This I believed would allow me to boost my gamerscore within budget and give me access to hundreds of games that I wouldn’t be able to afford.

What have I rented so far?

  1. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishment
  2. Rugby 15
  3. Murdered: Soul Suspect
  4. The Wolf Among Us
  5. The Walking Dead: Season 1
  6. The Walking Dead: Season 2
  7. Game of Thrones
  8. Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse
  9. Adam Venture: Origins
  10. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

So has it been worth it? ££

With the package that I am on, the great service, great social media (especially twitter found here) and most importantly for me, the quick turnaround. So far I have managed 8 100% completions and 2 games ready to play. That is 10,000 gamerscore since the start of February. All costing under £28.

Every Tuesday I post my Top Picks that offer easy completions under £10 that are added to the Xbox sale (last weeks can be found here). To compete with Boomerang I would need to find 10 games averaging £2.80 each – very difficult even with the weekly sales. Also we are only 1 week into March I still have the rest of the month to boost my gamerscore using the array of games available. Aiming for 4-6 games by the end of the month.

Honestly I think that I have made a great investment. All these games if bought from the Xbox Store would cost me around £180. Huge saving.

Would I recommend it?

Honestly the service is great and reasonably priced I would highly recommend using the service and although I am using it to help in my #100kChallenge, the service is a great deal whichever type of gamer you are.

Paying £13.99 per month is almost a quarter of the price of 1 full priced game. Boomerang even send new releases on launch day.

Going forward in the #100kChallenge I will continue using the service although when I have exhausted all the quick completions – I may possibly downgrade my account due only to the fact that my turnaround will be much slower and I need to keep boosting within budget.

However I will 100% upgrade when I have completed the #100kChallenge and use it to continue to save money while I aim for the million (ha….very long way from this but I can dream). My son will also be happy as he will benefit when I can start grabbing some PS4 games for him.

That’s it….

So check them out – they offer a free 21 day trial so you can try for yourself. But if you don’t like spending too much money on games then its a definite no brainier!

Thanks for reading – anyone else use their service? Let me know in the comments – also as always any feedback is appreciated.

If you want to keep up to date then follow me on Twitter (or hit the link at the top of the page), add me on Xbox (Gamer Tag – danlaing1983).

You can check out last weeks update here. My True Achievement homepage can be found here.

Till next time…

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