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My Top Picks – 30/01/18

Having looked through the Xbox Sale this week, to say disappointment may be an understatement. Usually the aim is to find easy completions under £10 – this week I have found two new games this week. Although a few of last weeks sale items have been carried over to this week. I have indicated new games this week with **

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#100k Challenge – Update (Day 29)

#100k Challenge – Day 29 update

I hit 15,000 for the month!!

This update on my #100kChallenge is not a four day update as previously seen through the month. Originally I was planning on making then next update on the 1st February and provide a full look at January as a whole but decided to give an update today, Monday. Going forward this will be the new day for a weekly update. The layout is slightly different again. I am always thinking of better ways to provide the updates and today will be no exception.

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My Thoughts…(25/01/18)

Xbox News

New Xbox Exclusives to Xbox Game Pass

So this is the new feature that I will write every week. My insight and thoughts on Xbox news and news in general. Couple of things to talk about today so will start with what I think is the biggest Xbox news at the moment. The announcement that all Xbox Exclusive games (from Microsoft Studios) will be available on Xbox Game Pass the same date as their worldwide release.

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#100k Challenge – Update (Day 24)

#100k Challenge – Day 24 update

To kick off this #100kChallenge update I would just like to let everyone know that I have decided to change the challenge slightly! Determined to keep it relative to my original plan, I will be keeping the budget at £25 a month. To increase the difficulty I will not be rolling over any money saved from previous months. This £25 budget will still need to include Xbox Live Gold – although I am covered until the end of July with that for now. The other change I wanted to make, although not really a new rule as such, was to not limit myself to just hitting 100k gamerscore.

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New Feature – Coming Soon

So I have been thinking of ways to bring a different style of content to the site and have settled on a feature that gives my take on news stories. These will of course be primarily Xbox related, but I will also share my view/opinion on any trending news stories from the previous week.

I will take note of stories during the week – give a little background information on the story. Link the original source of the story (where I read it from at least) and finally give my take on the whole situation.

My aim is to post this every Thursday 2030 (GMT) – I will post on social media when it goes live so make sure you to follow me (links at the bottom of this page).

If anyone has any stories they want to share and hear my take on then please get in touch via the usual channels.

That’s all for now folks.



My Top Picks – 23/01/18

So its Tuesday morning which means its the start of a new Xbox Store Sale. I have split the games into different categories dependent on their completion time. I have also not included any games currently over £7.50 – I am trying to do all this within budget after all. I have included a link to the Xbox Store in case you want to buy them, I have also included a link for a 100& guide.

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#100k Challenge – Update (Day 20)

#100k Challenge – Day 20 update

So we have made it to day 20 of the #100k Challenge. I keep having ideas with how to layout or write these updates so again a slightly different format. I have added a “New Games” section. This is for any new games I might have started to play since the last update – pretty self explanatory really. Just trying to create an easier structure for reading and keeping everyone updated. Also added a sub heading of any games I might have completed over the past four days and kept the “Spends” sub heading too.

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