#100kChallenge – Weekly Update (05/03/18)

Happy Monday everyone. Thanks for checking back to read the latest update for my #100kChallenge – where I am aiming for a gamerscore of 100k this year without breaking the bank – spending £25 per month (half the price of an average new release).

After a poor showing last week for the #100kChallenge I felt like I needed to step up my game slightly. No dentist appointments booked, kids were at school, no work – this is the week to hit another 5k. Finish February strong and start March off great. Then the beast from the east hit the UK.

Schools were subsequently closed for the rest of the week. So all the kids were at home (in addition to one of my daughters friends for one night). My plan to smash the achievements was interrupted. Luckily in some way that this was the only disruption that the snow caused for me. Some parts of the country not so lucky.

All hope was not lost though as with no work this weekend I stayed up all Saturday night to game and also watch UFC and the Deontay Wilder fight. Well worth staying up for. The boxing match was one of the best heavyweight fights I have ever seen. fingers crossed the boxing gods come together and Anthony Joshua wins his upcoming match so we get a AJ v Wilder fight later in the year.

UFC put on a great card but in all honesty I fell asleep before the main event (Cyborg).

With being up all night I managed to focus on Costume Quest 2 (which I finished) and Broken Sword 5 both very easy completions.

I have been playing Football Manager while playing games on a night. Some of the games are a little grindy so FM is a welcome distraction. Don’t worry though no updates for that.

Boomerang provided my 6th and 7th easy completion. Still awaiting for my next two games to arrive from them. Next up is The Walking Dead: The New Frontier & Adam Venture: Origins. Both of these should be another quick 2k for the score.

boomerang rentals

And that wraps up what I got up to last week.

Thanks for reading guys enjoy the update.

Quick Overview

  • Last week gamerscore: 29,285
  • Total gamerscore: 32,990
  • Since the last update – An increase of 3,705
  • Money spent since last update: £16.38
  • Total March spend: £16.38
  • Total Yearly spend: £64.76

Solid week again. I am surprised I managed to get a half decent score this past week with the kids being at home for a couple of extra days. Helped massively by the weekend gaming sessions. Oh and the quick and easy completions that I chose to complete to boost my score for the start of the month.

Points gained – but from where?

Since the last update my points have come from:

  • Dig Dug: +25
  • Game of Thrones: +640
  • Energy Cycle: +1000
  • Broken Sword 5: +1000
  • Costume Quest 2: +1000
  • Super Lucky’s Tale: +40

Four completions this week for the #100kChallenge. Game of Thrones was a good addition to the Telltale series. Enjoyed the story that also linked in the TV show with characters and memorable moments (Red Wedding).

Broken Sword is a classic style point and click game and I would recommend it – especially if you remember the original game like I do, but I guess I am a bit older.

Costume Quest was a quick completion, not difficult and a decent enough turn based RPG style game.

Energy Cycle is the easiest Xbox completion since Avatar on the Xbox 360. Took me about 20 minutes using a guide. Also only cost £2.39.

What I’ve been spending?

So far this month I have spent:

  • £13.99 was spent on Boomerang Rentals
  • £2.39 was spent on Energy Cycle

Since starting my #100kChallenge in January I was able to buy a 6 Month Xbox Live (mid way through the month, I managed to grab 1 month at the start of the year for £1.00). I also have two free months of Xbox Game Pass so covered for that for the whole of March and April.

What next?

My review/thoughts on Boomerang will be posted online on Thursday. Mixer stream testing will continue over the next few days/weeks until I am happy with the setup (and talking to the camera).

If you want to keep up to date then follow me on Twitter (hit the link at the top of the page), add me on Xbox (Gamer Tag – danlaing1983).

You can check out last weeks update here. My True Achievement homepage can be found here.

Till next time…

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