#100kChallenge – Update (14/03/18)

Welcome to another #100kChallenge update. I have been updating every Monday for a while now but decided this week to try something a bit different with the schedule. Today being Wednesday (9pm as I type this), its mid-week and almost bang in the middle of the month. Do you guys think I should keep the #100kChallenge update on a Monday? Every 4/5 days or even less often maybe every 10 days? Let me know.

So the past week I have managed to get on the Xbox much more than in previous weeks. Actually the first 14 days of this month has seen a very decent increase in my gamerscore, as you can see below.


One thing that still bugs me a little is that I am still 3rd on my leader board. I fully get Stallion83 at the top though. (if you don’t know who he is….well I can’t help you there. If you are into achievements in anyway you just should). My focus has been trying to grind games from Boomerang this past week to get back the number 2 spot but so far, no luck.

I would quickly add that I am doing all my gaming on a budget. Having started with no games (although my old account has plenty) and no Xbox Live, so to still be on course for another 15k month – I don’t really have too many complaints.

Right you may have noticed (or may not) that his picture from my True Achievement homepage is usually at the top of my #100kChallenge updates. Well as I haven’t really explained what all the badges mean, I have moved it further down the post. Going forward I am in the process of sorting out a banner to use for the update every week, so for this week only – no picture at the top of the page.

My review of Boomerang rentals was posted online last week and if you haven’t checked it out yet, it can be found here.

Outside of gaming I haven’t really been up to much. Went to a parents evening, but nothing really of note. Boys seem to be doing fine at school. If I am honest I don’t regard the school system highly at all. I would rather that the kids learnt to work hard, give their all and be good human beings. Education once they have grasped the basics is utter bullshit (in my opinion). Why would kids nowadays need to understand Shakespeare??

Sea of Thieves

Next week sees the arrival of one of the most highly anticipated games this year so far. Personally I can’t wait till I am able to play the full release on 20th March, even better that I can play it with my subscription to Game Pass. I purposefully chose not to play the game while it was in beta and I have tried my best to keep away from game footage.

This has been done so that I have a fresh set of eyes and can enjoy the game in my own way with no outside influence to start with.

I will be writing my first full review, on Sea of Thieves after I have had a good chance to play it – look out for that next week.

Right that is it from me waffling on for now. Time for the details for this weeks #100kChallenge update (14/03/18).

#100kChallenge (14/03/18) Overview

  • Last week gamerscore: 32,990
  • Total gamerscore: 38,595
  • Since the last update – An increase of 5,605
  • Money spent since last update: £7.66
  • Total March spend: £24.04
  • Total Yearly spend: £72.42

Points gained – but from where?

Since the last update my points have come from:

  • Tekken 7 + 645
  • Q.U.B.E. +1000
  • Super Lucky’s Tale + 765
  • World II: Hunting Boss +1000
  • NORTH +1000
  • Adam’s Venture: Origins + 1000

Four full game completions since the last #100kChallenge update. Out of the four games Super Lucky’s Tale was by far the best game I played. Really enjoy this style of game, quite nostalgic in that it reminds me of Crash Bandicoot (confirmed for Xbox July 2018).

NORTH has to be one of the strangest games I have played in a long time, literally no idea what was going on. An easy completion never the less.

Tekken 7 I have found quite grindy, I am not really the biggest fan of this genre. I will grind out a few more achievements (tonight most likely) then I will send it back to Boomerang so that I can start on ‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’.

So a good solid week (and a bit). Well on course for another 15k gamerscore this month. I have a list of games that I plan on playing for the rest of this month. My aim after that is to use Game Pass and not aim for 100% completions so much but rather just try and boost the gamerscore.

What I’ve been spending?

So far this month I have spent:

  • £2.00 spent on Q.U.B.E.
  • £1.67 spent on World II: Hunting Boss
  • £3.99 spent on NORTH
  • £13.99 was spent on Boomerang Rentals
  • £2.39 was spent on Energy Cycle

Three new additions since the last update. I picked up Q.U.B.E. and World II: Hunting Boss in the Xbox Sale last week. Both games were in my top picks for that week. You can check out this weeks top picks here. NORTH was bought after I saw a 100% Walkthrough guide on Maka91‘s YouTube Channel – if you haven’t seen his content I would recommended it highly. Great content and always a go to place for my video walkthroughs.

All my budget has been spent for the month. So all my gamerscore this month will need to come from Game Pass and Boomerang. I am likely to downgrade my Boomerang membership for next month and focus on Game Pass. This is needed as Sea of Thieves is also out next week and I have a funny feeling this game may distract me from achievements for a little while.

What next?

If you want to keep up to date then follow me on Twitter (hit the link at the top of the page), add me on Xbox (Gamer Tag – danlaing1983).

You can check out last weeks update here. My True Achievement homepage can be found here.

If you want to read all my updates since I started my #100kChallenge you can check that out here.

Till next time…

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