#100k Challenge – Weekly Update (26/02/18)


Happy Monday everyone. Thanks for checking back to read the latest update for my #100kChallenge – where I am aiming for a gamerscore of 100k this year only spending £25 per month (half the price of an average new release).

This week has been quiet really on Xbox. My week started with a trip to the dentist and ended on Sunday attending a family Christening. In between that I didn’t find as much time as I would’ve liked to game but as I already accumulated a decent score this month, I haven’t been to worried about it.

Starting a week with a trip to the dentist is never the greatest start to the week. To be fair it was only a check up, and I do have a good dentist. Besides the point. Just having it booked for the start of a week made me feel not only was it going to be one of those days it was going to end up being one of those weeks. I only kept the appointment as my daughter was also booked in so I could’t let her see me chickening out.

The Christening was, well it was a christening. I am not religious so never keen on entering churches anyway (I have 3 children and after the first one was Christened decided that if I had anymore they wouldn’t be), and it was very busy, around 200 people – great turn out I guess – but too many people for my liking. Still a great day none the less.

My main reason for not playing too much Xbox this week was purely down to going to bed much earlier. I have been playing later on in the evenings when kids are in bed and house is sorted. Last week though I decided to get my beauty sleep and feel much better this week because of it. Get your 8 hours people its worth it. I must admit that this week I am going for around 6 hours as plenty of things to be getting on with. Mainly getting things sorted for my wife’s business and business ventures of my own. Exciting times!!

I would like to ask – this is the second week that I have written the update like this – is this something that people want to read going forward? Or should I keep it strictly with the details? Let me know. Anyway…..

Thanks for reading guys enjoy the update.

Quick Overview

Last week gamerscore: 29,285

Total gamerscore: 27,910

Since the last update – An increase of 1,375

Money spent since last update: £0.00

Total February spend: £24.77

Total Yearly spend: £48.38

Not the best of weeks for boosting gamerscore – however this was something that I expected. With the month winding down I have a few games from Game Pass ready to go but wanted to save them for March. This will mean I have a strong consistent total every month and not just a few good months then the rest just dragging my feet.

Points gained – but from where?

Since the last update my points have come from:

Game of Thrones – A Telltale Series: +360
The Walking Dead – Complete First Season: +1000
Gears of War 4: +15

Managed only one completion in the past week. The Walking Dead – Season 1. Loved this game, the story is great and creates an emotional attachment very well. I keep forgetting that the choices that I make within the game aren’t my own personal choices but the game does a fantastic job of making it feel that you are.

Finally finished the campaign on Gears 4. Great game – loved it. I have however uninstalled it from my Xbox for now as additional achievements will take a bit more time. Something that I will get back too towards the end of the year though.

What I’ve been spending?

So far this month I have spent:

  • £7.99 was spent on Game Pass for this month
  • £1.59 spent on purchasing Cubot (Very easy game when using a guide)
  • £13.99 spent on Boomerang Rentals.
  • £1.20 spent on purchasing Refunct

No money spent this week – fully expected this as I had no money left within the budget to actually spend. Using the Boomerang service is going to be a massive chunk each month – so will need to see if it is worth the value going forward. So far I would say that it is proving to be extremely useful – 5,000 gamerscore and counting since I signed up. My only concern is when the “easy” completions are done will it still be a quick turnover for games. Depends on how quickly I can turn them around I suppose.

With the end of the month coming up I should have some money to buy some games in the sales and give my gamerscore a good boost to start the month. Game Pass should also prove useful as 7 new games are rumoured to be added for March.

What next?

Check back tomorrow for my Top Picks from the Xbox Sale for quick/cheap gamerscore.

I will be posting my Monthly Review for February on Thursday or Friday – depending on time this week – will keep everyone posted with the exact day.

As always…..

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You can check out last weeks update here. My True Achievement homepage can be found here.

Till next time…

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