#100k Challenge – Weekly Update (19/02/18)

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Happy Monday everyone, hope everyone is well and thank you for being here. It’s time again for me to give an update on my #100kChallenge (If you are new here you can see what its about here).

Over the last week I have managed to spend a decent amount of time on my Xbox – half term last week and I somehow managed to get rid of the kids for the whole week.

This meant that the first half of the week was spent with my wife – Valentines included, but more on that later – and Thursday through to Sunday I was left on my own (wife working), achievement time!

Now I briefly mentioned Valentines and I will be the first to admit that I am not the most romantic of guys, having said that this year I decided to splash out and do something out of character to surprise my wife. This would be a great way to start a story I suppose, a grumpy man stuck in his ways has a sudden change of heart to impress the love of his life.

I can 100% confirm that this year though I did exactly the same as every year for Valentines day – Nothing! Not that I am heartless mind…it is my opinion that Valentines is simply a day to spend money (or make it depending on your business) and I don’t need a certain day to tell my wife I love her. I can and do tell her everyday. We did though have a nice Chinese takeaway on the evening when she got back from yoga.

Moving onto food, it is all my wife and I seem to do when we have time together. We managed last week to eat everywhere except our own home – while the kids are away I guess we had more opportunity to just go out.

I was also introduced to this beautiful creation and OMG one of the greatest things I have ever eaten.

Lastly before I crack on with the details of the update I wanted to give a shout out to my wife. She runs her own business as a Nail & Beauty technician and this week she found out that she is a finalist for a English Hair & Beauty Awards 2018 in two categories. To say I am proud is an understatement. Check out her Instagram here

Thanks for reading guys enjoy the update.

Quick Overview

Last week gamerscore: 23,975

Total gamerscore: 27,910

Since the last update – An increase of 3,935

Money spent since last update: £1.20

Total February spend: £24.77

Total Yearly spend: £48.38

Decent enough week, I am happy with it anyway. Almost 4,000 points mainly unlocked since Thursday. Well over my first target over 9,000 every month (wanted 18,000 originally after 2 months) in fact I am actually over my March target already.

Points gained – but from where?

Since the last update my points have come from:

Gears of War 4: +75
The Walking Dead – Season Two: +1000
The Wolf Among Us: +1000
Letter Quest: +45
Refunct: +1000
Max The Curse of the Brotherhood: +815

Four completions over the past week. Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood, Refunct, and two excellent games from TellTale – The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season 2. Refunct was by far the easiest completion for time was although when I started to play it the quick movements and colour changing blocks made my stomach churn a little. I have had the same experience with VR headsets but it could’ve been far too much Lotus Biscuit spread I guess.

What I’ve been spending?

So far this month I have spent:

  • £7.99 was spent on Game Pass for this month
  • £1.59 spent on purchasing Cubot (Very easy game when using a guide)
  • £13.99 spent on Boomerang Rentals.
  • £1.20 spent on purchasing Refunct

Only spent money on buying Refunct last week, which honestly was not expected it just happened to be reduce in last weeks Xbox Sale. I have £1.62 left so I might get another cheap easy completion when tomorrows sale is active.

What next?

Check back tomorrow for my Top Picks from the Xbox Sale for quick/cheap gamerscore. If any one has any ideas/requests that they want me to talk about, maybe you would like me to review a game..?

I will be posting a review of Boomerang rentals once I have been using the service for around 6-8 weeks. This will give me a good insight into the service so I can let you guys know if its worth your time and money.

As always…..

If you want to keep up to date then follow me on Twitter, share tell your friends add me on Xbox (Gamer Tag – danlaing1983) you can also add me on Mixer – streams coming soon – and of course keep checking back here.

You can check out last weeks update here. My True Achievement homepage can be found here.

Till next time.

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