Quick Overview

Last week gamerscore: 18,120

Total gamerscore: 23,975

Since the last update – An increase of 5,855

Money spent since last update: £0.00

Total February spend: £23.57

Total Yearly spend: £47.18

Another good week – my highest this year – with an increase of 5,855. More than happy with this total and with two weeks left of this month I have set myself a target of 30,000 by the 1st March. Should be easy to achieve this – but like I have said before my initial target was 9,ooo each month – this score would put me over my original target for the 1st April.

Points gained – but from where?

Signing up to Boomerang Rentals has been great so far – I have managed to complete three full games since I started using the service, thats 3,000 gamerscore so far. Currently I have two more games (Walking Dead: Season 2 & The Wolf Among Us) which I aim to complete by the end of the week (2,000 gamerscore -although I do hope I can finish the first one in the first few days of the week) and once these are done another two games ready for next week.

So since the last update my points have come from:

Back to the Future: +425
Letter Quest: +340
Murdered Soul Suspect: +1000
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments: +1000
Gears of War 4: +5
Limbo: +900
Hue: +1000
Cubot – The Complexity of Simplicity: +1000

Since the last weekly update I have managed four 100% completions on games that I previously hadn’t started. I also managed to complete Back to the Future over the weekend and one achievement is still to be unlocked on Limbo (this one is a tricky one to unlock as it involves dying no more than five times throughout a full walkthrough).

What I’ve been spending?

So far this month I have spent:

  • £7.99 was spent on Game Pass for this month
  • £1.59 spent on purchasing Cubot (Very easy game when using a guide)
  • £13.99 spent on Boomerang Rentals.

The only game I have purchased outright has been Cubot – The Complexity of Simplicity. This game wasn’t in the sale it is always available at this price. A very easy completion and it took me around 30mins – using a guide of course.

Leaving me with £1.43 to spend for the remainder of the month – unless I find a really good deal in one of the sales I will unlikely spend this amount.

I have however taken advantage of the Microsoft Rewards deal that is on offer until the end of the month – which I first saw on the True Achievements website (here). This deal was a free month of Xbox Game Pass when joining the Microsoft Reward program, it is 100% free and once enrolled I was sent a code to redeem one free month. I will most likely use this in March but may save it for later in the year.

What next?

Check back tomorrow for my Top Picks from the Xbox Sale for quick/cheap gamerscore. If any one has any ideas/requests that they want me to talk about, maybe a game review then let me know.

I will be posting a review of Boomerang rentals once I have been using the service for around 6-8 weeks. This will give me a good insight into the service so I can let you guys know if its worth your time and money.

As always…..

If you want to keep up to date then follow me on Social Media, share tell your friends add me on Xbox (Gamer Tag – danlaing1983) you can also add me on Mixer – streams coming soon – and of course keep checking back here.

You can check out last weeks update here. My True Achievement homepage can be found here.

Till next time.