18,000 gamerscore and counting

Welcome to my weekly update on my #100kChallenge. Another busy week of unlocking achievements. A new source of games, new Games for Gold and some Game Pass completions. Hitting 18k for the challenge so far is a great step and kicks of what I hope is a very good February for my challenge.

Quick Overview

Last week gamerscore: 15,015

This week gamerscore: 18,120

Since the last update – An increase of 3,105

Money spent since last update: £23.57

Total February spend: £23.57

Total Yearly spend: £47.18

Points gained – but from where?

Increasing my score by 3,105 has been another great week. The last two weeks have been just over 3,000. This week I have managed three completions; Rugby 15, Knight Squad and Comix Zone. Managed to complete another episode on Back to the Future (although I missed one achievement so will need to go back to unlock this), and started Letter Quest which is a game I recommended for easy completion with last weeks Top Picks (link is here). However I will add that I didn’t purchase this in the sale as it was made available with Game Pass on the 1st February.

So since the last update my points have come from:

Rugby 15: +1000
Back to the Future: +265
Gears of War 4: +35
Knight Squad: +1000
Letter Quest: +130
Comix Zone: +200
Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter: +475

What I’ve been spending?

As seen above I have already spent my whole monthly budget in the first week. Well first three days to be more accurate.

  • £7.99 was spent on Game Pass for this month
  • £1.59 spent on purchasing Cubot (Very easy game when using a guide)
  • £13.99 spent on Boomerang Rentals.

Boomerang Rentals has taken a huge chunk of my budget (just over 50%), however I do feel that this will be justified. I have signed up for the Unlimited 2 Package. This allows me to rent two games at a time with unlimited rentals per month. Doing this will allow me to rent games to unlock more gamerscore that I may not be able to purchase within my budget. TellTale games being a more obvious source of easy gamerscore, whilst also in the most part providing great games. My aim is to unlock around 20-30k using this service.

What next?

Check back tomorrow for my Top Picks from the Xbox Sale for quick/cheap gamerscore. My aim is to post again on Wednesday regarding a race to 100k with another gamer – I will explain in more detail then. Check back for the next weekly update.

As always…..

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You can check out last weeks update here. My True Achievement homepage can be found here.

Till next time.