#100k Challenge – Day 29 update

I hit 15,000 for the month!!

This update on my #100kChallenge is not a four day update as previously seen through the month. Originally I was planning on making then next update on the 1st February and provide a full look at January as a whole but decided to give an update today, Monday. Going forward this will be the new day for a weekly update. The layout is slightly different again. I am always thinking of better ways to provide the updates and today will be no exception.

With this latest update I removed the State of Pay – which listed all games I have played, to put the focus more on just the achievements I have unlocked since the previous update. Due to the ever chagning nature of the site, any feedback is always appreciated. Please let me know if you think I should make changes or even add a section?

Quick Overview

Last week gamerscore: 11,045

This week gamerscore: 15,015

Since the last update – An increase of 3,970

Money spent since last update: £0.00

Total January spend: £23.61

No money spent still. Like I have mentioned in the last few updates this is due to having no real budget left for this month. I will however be having a good look out at the Xbox One Sale tomorrow to see what easy achievements I can get when we hit the 1st February.

Points gained – but from where?

A good increase this past few days of 3,970. Been five days since the last update so I have averaged 794 points per day. A very good ratio as if this was done over the whole year that would be 289,810. Crazy amount. Realistically this isn’t going to happen though. Although I can but try 🙂

So since the last update my points have come from:

Back to the Future: +110
Ben-Hur: +1,000
Gears of War 4: +35
Harms Way: +200
The Fall: +1,000
I, Zombie: +1,000
Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter: +525
LEGO Batman: +100

What else have I been doing?

Dedication to hitting 15k gamerscore for the month has been my main focus over the past few days and I was very happy that I managed it. I have started playing Football Manager when not on the Xbox, simultaneously so I can keep upping that gamerscore.

Outside of gaming this week I have been busy decorating my daughters bedroom, which has finally bene finished. Not the biggst fan of DIY/Gardening. Never been any good at it really.

What next?

With the end of the month coming up, I will be writing a full review of January which will also included my plans for February. Where I plan on getting my points etc. My weekly Top Picks for easy completion will be released tomorrow at 0930 GMT, you can check last weeks out here.

As its the end of the month I will need to pick up another month of Game Pass. The plan is to grab a few games form my Top Picks to get some extra points on the board. I need to research a good online rental service to use with  Game Pass to pick up some more easy completions. I will get a list together and write a review on them also.

Also with any luck I can will be getting the last few bits ready to be able to provide you guys with live streams. Just need to pick up the last pieces of equipment.

As always…..

If you want to keep up to date then follow my on Social Media, share tell your friends add me on Xbox (Gamer Tag – danlaing1983) and keep checking back here. I have added an Instagram feed to the side of the blog (at the bottom on a mobile device) this is so you guys can see what I am posting and you can add me easier too. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

You can check out my progress since the beginning from here. My True Achievement homepage can also be found here.

Till next time.