#100k Challenge – January Review

We have made it through the first month of 2018. How did it go for everyone? I fell it went a little quick but it always seems to I guess. Any one actually stick to their New Years resolutions? I tend to not make them but I am happy that the target I set myself for gaming is coming along nicely.

So how have I done? Very well I feel. I set my target at the start of the year picked up Game Pass, planned my first few games and went from there. For anyone who isn’t familiar with what I set out to do here is a quick recap.

  • Minimum gamerscore of 100,000 by January 1st 2018
  • Monthly Budget of £25 per month, money saved each month NOT carried over to following month
  • All games played must be playable via Xbox One, ID@Xbox and backwards compatibility only
  • Games can be played via Games with Gold, Xbox Game Pass, EA Access, rented or bought as long as within budget

How have I done?

Saying I have done well is all well and good but have I actually got anywhere with the challenge? Was the budget met for the month and what games have been played? That’s what this review is for – I have been completing four day reviews (now changed to weekly, every Monday) but this is an overview of the month as a whole. Aimed at anyone who has just joined me on the journey to quickly get up to speed.

Like I’ve said I feel I have started the year off very well. My initial target was to have around 9,000 gamerscore by the end of the month. Each month the target is 9,000 this would give 108,000 by year end so left a slight buffer along the way. I am happy to say that I earned 15,615 gamerscore. Well over my initial target. A great start to the year!

Games Started

This is a list of all the new games that I have started in the previous month. As this is the first completed month all games I have played will appear on the list. Next month a section will be added for games I have already started but continued to unlocked achievements for. For now though here is the list:

#IDARB | 1000/1000
NBA Playgrounds | 1000/1000
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown | 400/400
The Swapper | 1000/1000
Pac-Man CE DX+ | 200/200
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons | 1000/1000
NBA 2k17: The Prelude | 800/1000
Tomb Raider Underworld | 150/1250
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III | 450/1000
Another World – 20th Anniversary Ediotion | 1000/1000
Sam&Max Save the World | 200/200
DreamBreak | 1000/1000
Casey Powell Lacrosee 16 | 170/1000
NERO: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure | 1000/1000
ZOMBI | 310/1000
Ben-Hur | 1000/1000
Harms Way | 200/200
ROBLOX | 955/1000
LEGO Batman | 100/1000
I, Zombie | 1000/1000
The Fall | 1000/1000
Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter | 1000/1000
Back to the Future: The Game | 400/1000
Gears of War 4 | 280/2500

Total Games played: 24

Games Completed

So this list is all for the games that I have 100% completed over the previous month.

NBA Playgrounds
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
The Swapper
Pac-Man CE DX+
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Another World – 20th Anniversary Ediotion
Sam&Max Save the World
NERO: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure
Harms Way
I, Zombie
The Fall
Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter

Total Games completed: 15

Best Game played this month

Without a shadow of a doubt the best games I have played this month is Gears of War 4. This month was the first time that I had played the game, not touching it from release. Was simply one that I never got around to playing. Visually the game is stunning – if only I could see this in 4K – wow! The concept in the Gears series has never been the most difficult to learn. Duck and cover, shoot and move. The objectives are very linear so you never lose your way. Although it has been an easy entry to the game – I must admit I haven’t played online yet or tried the higher difficulties. I have enjoyed the story and having only played the original Gears of War and Gears 2 when that were first released. I can’t wait to finish this and start the series from the beginning.

For the easiest completion I chose Ben-Hur. I had the full 1000 points within an hour as it is a very simple game. Luckily it was free though. One of the worst games I have ever played. You are racing a chariot and have three races – that’s it. Whipping or crashing into the other racers during these races. If you are after an easy completion go for that – although you do need to download it from the American Xbox Store.

Best game of the month: Gears of War 4

Easiest completion of the month: Ben-Hur

Jan Spend: £23.61/£25

01/01/18 – Xbox Live 1 Month | £1.00
01/01/18 – Xbox Game Pass 1 month | £1.00
15/01/18 – Xbox Live 6 Months | £12.49
16/01/18 – NERO: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure | £2.00
16/01/18 – DreamBreak | £2.64
16/01/18 – I, Zombie | £1.60
16/01/18 – Another World | £1.28
16/01/18 – The Fall | £1.60

What about next month?

All in all, very good start to the month. Good solid score and stayed within budget. Couldn’t ask for a better start.

So I have mentioned already that going forward I will be posting a weekly update every Monday. Keep checking on Tuesday mornings for my top picks of the week for easy gamerscore.

I have spent all my February budget already after one day – details for this will be in Mondays update. Basically though I have signed up to Boomerang Rentals. This is an online rental service which I will be uising over the next few months. I have paid £13.99 and with this I am able to rent two games at a time with unlimted rentals per month. I am hoping to use this to keep my gamerscore high. Also I have a challenger who I need to keep ahead of.

Challenge within a challenge – Challception

I posted on Instagram and was challenged to a race to 100,000 gamerscore. I was challenged by NextHunter321 and of course accepted as I am quite competitive – updates to follow and will be ongoing.

Anyway thanks for reading the first monthly update.

As always…..

If you want to keep up to date then follow my on Social Media, share tell your friends add me on Xbox (Gamer Tag – danlaing1983) and keep checking back here. I have added an Instagram feed to the side of the blog (at the bottom on a mobile device) this is so you guys can see what I am posting and you can add me easier too. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated.

You can check out my progress since the beginning from here.

Till next time.